It begins! @MelbSymphony Mahler Cycle.


Winter Yarra

Coincidentally, today I’ve felt like I’ve been battling myself.

New @teeturtle shirt delivery. Yissss. #Zelda #Link #DarkLink #SiblingRivalry #GoT #Ghibli #mashup #AbbeyRoad

What does one do on a rainy cold winter Saturday? Cook soup.

I want this wallpaper.

Have you seen my hat?


Morning y’all! New friend courtesy of @toppaddock

Good night in with Rhubarb & Cinnamon Coulis on icecream. 🍦

The collective cast of Wicked, Les Miserables, Rocky Horror and the King & I on the steps of Parliament!! Holy hell Melbourne you’re doing it right!

Awesome new local food joint @ettopasta. Fresh pasta and sauce. It’s like a fast takeaway Vapiano. What more could I want??!

They certainly didn’t live up to their name…

Interesting angle taken by Spotify marketing.